Financial Planning


Most wealthy families maintain multiple advisors, such as an accountant, estate planning attorney and investment manager, each of whom is responsible for a single area of specialization within the broad realm of financial planning. The problem with this strategy is that no one is “managing” the team to ensure that the clients’ overall financial planning objectives are being met. This can result in missed opportunities and inefficient — or even conflicting — wealth management strategies.


At Legacy Trust, we provide each of our families with an integrated financial planning solution, based on our big-picture understanding of their interdependent investment, tax and estate issues. After we review your situation with you, we develop legal, estate and investment strategies that become the baseline against which our future performance on your behalf will be measured. Your team of professionals at Legacy Trust can then use their comprehensive financial planning expertise to help you achieve your wealth management objectives.

Legacy Planning


Legacy planning differs from estate planning in that it looks beyond the orderly transfer of wealth to the sustainment of wealth across multiple generations. A family’s success in sustaining its wealth from one generation to the next is no accident. It requires careful planning in several key areas, all of which the team at Legacy Trust will help you understand and implement.


No one born into family wealth comes prepared with the knowledge or experience necessary to deal with the many challenges that wealth presents. At Legacy, we understand this fact and have personal experience in dealing with similar circumstances. To help our families through the challenges, we offer personalized tutoring sessions with our knowledgeable staff and external professionals.


We also offer a range of philanthropic planning services to address strategies for charitable giving, which have become increasingly complex. A well-designed philanthropic strategy is a significant component of effective financial planning as well as a way to broaden the positive impact of your wealth in the community and the world. We work as a consultant to our families, advising them and monitoring their giving plans to ensure their wishes are being met.


Family governance meetings are another important component of our multi-family office. Family meetings ensure that all members of your family are kept abreast of your wealth situation and any upcoming changes you may need to consider. They can be held twice a year or more frequently if a family has a jointly owned or managed business. All of our professionals are skilled family governance facilitators.

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Estate & Trust Management


Estate planning is a vital component of every wealth perpetuation strategy. An estate plan outlines how, when and where your wealth will be transferred after you are gone. Designed correctly, it can minimize your tax liability and help future generations effectively manage your family’s wealth. But if your estate plan is developed by someone without a full understanding of your family’s unique needs and objectives, it can undermine your strategies and diminish your financial legacy.


The professionals at Legacy Trust have extensive knowledge of estate planning issues, and we work closely with estate planning attorneys to ensure our families are well served. We also will explore how establishing a trust may help you achieve your wealth transfer goals. A trust, of which there are many types, establishes the terms under which your assets are distributed, and it can significantly reduce the amount of estate and gift taxes owed.


Personal and business tax planning also are essential to an estate plan, and they require continual oversight. After your plan has been established, we monitor the ongoing changes in federal and state tax laws to ensure your estate can be distributed according to your wishes.


The complexities of estate planning are a perfect example of how a family office, with a holistic view of your family’s situation, can help ensure that your goals are met and that unforeseen difficulties are avoided.

Lifestyle Management


Our families tell us repeatedly that one of the biggest benefits they enjoy from their relationship with Legacy Trust is the simplification we have brought into their lives. Instead of having to manage multiple relationships with financial services firms, they now are able to get all of the information and services they need from a single team of trusted professionals. That’s a major reason they chose us to manage their financial lives.


But what they’re often surprised to learn is that our staff goes the extra mile to simplify their lives in other ways as well, including:

Relocation services

If you’re changing residences, purchasing a second home or even relocating to another area, we can help you navigate the many details of a real estate transaction. We can assist you in finding competent real estate professionals, in arranging showings, in negotiating a mortgage, and in managing the paperwork involved in closing a deal.

Concierge services

The Legacy Trust team can help you manage a wide range of personal affairs. Maybe you need someone to pay your bills while you’re on vacation. Maybe you’d like us to handle the details of purchasing a new vehicle. Or maybe we can help you locate an assisted living community and interview the facility’s management. We can provide assistance with all of these mundane tasks and much more. Our goal is to give you more time for the activities you truly enjoy.

Wealth education

Stop by our library for a wealth of educational materials that will help family members of all ages understand the rewards and challenges of significant wealth. We also will arrange wealth education and counseling sessions with our staff or outside professionals for any or all members of your family.

Plane Brokerage

Many of our clients prefer to travel privately. For them, we manage the leasing, purchasing and fractional share relationships so they can focus on the more rewarding experiences – like enjoying where they’re going.

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