Formed in August 2002, Legacy Trust was conceived by a small group of wealthy individuals who were dissatisfied with the services they were receiving from large brokerage institutions and banks. These individuals saw the need for a new model — a client-friendly firm that would provide comprehensive oversight for each client’s financial situation, aligned with each client’s unique needs. Services would be delivered objectively and transparently, and the needs of the client would be paramount.


At the same time, the structure of the office would allow it to provide investment management services with the same level of sophistication that previously was available only through boutique investment firms where clients have access to carefully screened, top-tier money managers.


Since its beginnings, Legacy Trust has delivered on the promise envisioned by its founders. The firm manages assets for a select group of individuals, families and foundations in Northeast Florida, and we have grown into the largest independent firm of our kind in the state.


Legacy Trust has evolved into one of the most prominent Family Offices in Florida, consistently listed on Florida Trend’s top Trust Company lists. We are a solid company with consistent year over year growth in every important measurable category: assets under management, number of people we employ and investment performance. We are a community leader, donating financial and human resources to many meaningful organizations. Being good stewards of our clients finances as well as our community is what makes Legacy Trust who we are. We’ve come a long way.

What Is A Family Office


In very simple terms, a Family Office provides personal financial management for families of significant wealth, offering a full range of services and advice that otherwise would be handled by multiple companies or people. We integrate tax strategies, estate planning, wealth management, trustee services and investment management, and we provide consolidated performance monitoring and reporting. Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices is a family office serving multiple families.


Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices is structured to provide sophisticated investment management services. Legacy clients have access to carefully screened top-tier money managers that were previously only available through boutique investment firms.


Since its beginnings, Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices has delivered on the promise envisioned by its founders. The firm manages assets for a select group of individuals, families and foundations and has grown into the largest independent firm of our kind in the state.


At Legacy Trust, we take our fiduciary responsibility to our families very seriously, because your success is our success.

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Understanding Your Needs


Wealthy families acquire their assets in a variety of ways. Some have built their wealth from productive careers or astute investments, while others have inherited family fortunes. Regardless of the source of assets or the unique circumstances that characterize every family, most wealthy families do share a common desire: to ensure that their wealth has a positive impact on the lives of family members today and in future generations. Helping each of our families preserve their wealth and achieve a positive impact is the fundamental commitment of Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices.


As your family office, Legacy Trust works closely with you to understand your goals and provide the level of services and assistance you require. If you become a Legacy Trust family, we will assess your situation and develop a comprehensive plan that incorporates investment, tax, estate planning and legacy planning strategies. Because no two families are the same, the plan Legacy Trust develops for you will be unique and designed to ensure that your wealth is not only managed, but also preserved so it can serve as your legacy for generations to come.

Independent & Objective


Have you ever suspected that the financial services companies you do business with are more interested in increasing their net worth than yours? That could be because many of them are. They may earn commissions on trades or for selling certain investments. Or they may receive bonuses based on how much new business they generate — instead of how well they serve existing clients.


Unlike these companies, Legacy Trust is fully independent and objective. Our sole source of compensation is based on the assets we manage on your behalf. We have no financial incentive to push certain products or generate transactions, and no corporate headquarters pressuring us to increase sales and profit margins. That means we are free to always place your best interests first. In fact, as your fiduciary agent, we are not only morally but also legally required to do so. We answer to you, and only to you.

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